Bee Species: Native Mason Bees for Pollination

mason bee on a strawberry blossom

While honey bees are familiar to most of us, there are many other bee species that are great pollinators. Mason bees have a lot of characteristics that make them great garden pollinators. Here’s what you need to know about their habits and how to encourage them at your place.

Common Plant Diseases & Problems to Look For

seedlings in containers from above

These common plant diseases and pest problems impact both indoor and outdoor plants, but you’ll need to be especially vigilant during seed starting season. Indoor plants can be plagued by these plant diseases, but there are natural methods to control them so you won’t have to resort to toxic pest control.

Perennial Peanut Grass: An Evergreen Ground Cover

yellow peanut grass flower

Perennial peanut grass, an evergreen ground cover, is a great lawn replacement that’s drought tolerant. Mowed, it’s low enough to walk on. This evergreen ground cover has pretty yellow flowers, bright green leaves, and will out-compete grasses and other weeds. Chickens will even eat the yellow flowers.

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