Indoor gardening

organic broccoli sprouts close up

How to Grow Your Own Organic Broccoli Sprouts 2

Organic broccoli sprouts are great on salads and in sandwiches, and they are very easy to grow in your kitchen. Sprouting is a simple way to grow food in your own kitchen without even a small pot of dirt. Grow organic broccoli sprouts at home for year-round fresh greens.

Growing Vegetables from Seeds: How to Get a Jump on Your Garden 6

If you’re planting a garden, you’ll need to decide if you’re planting seeds or seedlings. Here’s what you need to know about growing vegetables from seeds, and how to do it either in the garden or indoors to get a jump on the vegetable gardening season. There are some tricks to make it more successful.

growing microgreens from corn in a plastic tray

Growing Popcorn Microgreens for Healthy Snacking & Salads 11

Growing microgreens is an easy and FAST way to add some greens to your table in the wintertime, or if you’re an apartment dweller with limited garden space. Start these popcorn microgreens today for fresh greens to add to salads and sandwiches in a week. They’re sweet and tasty!