Real Vegetable Gardens from Far and Wide

When it comes to vegetable gardens I absolutely love to see what other people are growing — and how.

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the great vegetable gardens my readers have been sharing. A little inspiration for you!

Real deal vegetable gardens from across the nation (plus one from Spain!)

Raised bed garden

From Patricia ^^

Front to back: Yellow and zucchini squash, cabbage ready to harvest, and snow peas & cukes climbing up the support in the back. The snow peas are just about done…the cucumbers have a long way to go.

front yard garden

From Jeremy ^^

I am harvesting zucchini by the boatload, lots of cucumbers, okra, rainbow chard, carrots and beets. Chervena peppers are beginning to turn from green to red. I have 3 soft ball sized watermelons so far.

raised bed gardens

From Jon ^^

Our summer garden in Northeast Florida. My daughter and i made some signs out of old fence slats and paint.

plenty of space for this garden

From Brandy ^^

Last night we had an unfortunate discovery in our nightly garden survey. Our tomato plants appear to have Septoria Leaf Spot with what also appears to be Blossom End Rot. Last year, although our tomato plants were packed tighter and it was wetter, they did not appear to have either of these problems and produced about 400 pounds of tomatoes.

gorgeous veggie garden

Another from Brandy ^^

This is her main garden.

square foot garden

From Allison ^^

This is a few weeks ago. The tomatoes and corn and squash are HUGE now! Lots of blooms on the toms and buds all over the squash (sweet dumpling variety). Beans just flowered for the first time, too.

vegetable garden with collie dog in background

From Rhonna ^^

Rhonna uses intensive gardening, utilizing pollinator attractors, and companion planting. Artichokes utilize above ground area, onions utilize below ground, dill and pansies attract bees. Peas grow vertically on dog kennel, with below ground carrots.

vegetable garden patch in the middle of a lawn

From Barbara ^^

Barbara’s New Hampshire garden (look at the size of that squash!).

vegetable garden in the shade of pines

From Arianna ^^

Raised beds in northwest Pennsylvania.

Lynn ^^

Lynn says: “We’re building soil so I did a straw bale section in my garden this year. I’ll be turning the chickens loose on it (the goats already had a go) to help “till” it all in. SW Colorado w/irrigation water.”

From Charmaine ^^

Purple king pole beans and Peas… Part of the garden here in Litchfield Michigan

raised vegetable garden beds in a green pasture with a black dog

From Sandrine (Sunny Simple Living in Spain) ^^

This was my garden in Aragon, Spain – last May. Right now it’s all brown (tiny green sprouts here and there)

raised garden beds with wood arbor, freshly built

From Robin ^^

Beds that were built in March. Filled them with organic soil, peat, worm castings. Stockton, California

grassy raised garden beds with tomato cages

From Michelle ^^

Early spring, Longmont Colorado


From Drea ^^

After planting 28 tomato and 32 pepper plants….. all were 100% successful self grown transplant seedlings.


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Now: What’s growing in your garden?

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  • Candi Jan 28, 2015 @ 12:34

    Pick me! Pick me!

    Here’s my garden:

    Thanks for showing the beautiful garden pictures. I am a visual learner….. Show me & I probably got it….. Maybe

  • Patricia Jul 15, 2014 @ 11:58

    Thanks for sharing! 

  • Chris Jul 15, 2014 @ 0:51

    Great collection of diverse gardens. I like Jon’s garden signs. Functional and a great accent. Consider it stolen in 2015!

  • Karen Lynn Jul 14, 2014 @ 3:09

    I love seeing how others garden at their homesteads….gardens come in all different shapes and sizes I so enjoyed this post.  I also think gardens like our homes reflect our different personalities!  Just awesome!  <3

  • tealady3 Jul 13, 2014 @ 3:24

    Love the pictures of all the different gardens,we now live in a mobile home park so their are so many restrictions so I have 2 planters 3’X15″ and I planted a salad garden in to 1 with 2 different type’s of lettuce spinach, kale and  and basil in the other I planted radish tyme and baby carrots. I must admit I am so surprised by how much I am getting from such a small space. Next year I will know how to plant and use the small space.

    I love to garden it is so relaxing really clears the mind.

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