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About Shannon Stonger

Shannon Stonger is the founder of the blog Nourishing Days, where she shares her family's journey towards sustainability. She is the author of the sourdough baking book 100% Rye and released Traditionally Fermented Foods in May 2017. She holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and lives with her husband, five children, and various farm animals on their five-acre homestead in Texas.

Sourdough Banana Nut Muffin Recipe to Start Your Day

This sourdough banana nut muffin recipe is gently sweetened by very ripe bananas and a touch of honey. They’re a sweet treat and a healthy start to the day (or afternoon snack) all rolled into one. Muffins are an easy quick bread to pull together, and these banana nut muffins are no exception.

freshly baked banana nut muffins in a muffin tin

How to Grow Your Own Organic Broccoli Sprouts

Organic broccoli sprouts are great on salads and in sandwiches, and they are very easy to grow in your kitchen. Sprouting is a simple way to grow food in your own kitchen without even a small pot of dirt. Grow organic broccoli sprouts at home for year-round fresh greens.

organic broccoli sprouts close up

Canning Dried Beans: Planning Ahead for Fast and Easy Meals 8

Canning dried beans at home makes them ready to use for fast weeknight dinners. Plus, canning beans at home means you’ll skip the BPA-lined cans from the supermarket. Canning beans safely requires the use of a pressure canner, but the process itself is not difficult. Canning dried beans is a great pantry tactic.

canning dried beans in canning jars with silver lids

bok choy plant growing in the ground with wood mulch

Winter Gardening: Cool Weather Crops to Extend the Harvest

Planting cool season vegetables can allow you to harvest fresh produce into the winter in milder climates. Winter gardening often means utilizing a green house, but by planning ahead and considering the “shoulder seasons” in the garden, you can harvest these cool weather crops into the winter months.

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits from Scratch – Just Like Grandma Made

These old-fashioned buttermilk biscuits from scratch are the perfect last-minute accompaniment to a meal. They’re great for breakfast, too! Homemade buttermilk biscuits are a quick bread and don’t require any rise time. This means you can whip up a batch and in short order your kitchen will smell wonderful.

broth in glass jars with green funnel

Canning Chicken Stock: Broth from Roasted Chicken (or Turkey) 2

Homemade stock is simple to make. With a pressure canner, you can easily make it a ready-to-use shelf stable pantry item. Canning chicken stock or turkey stock means that you’ll be able to get meals ready in a hurry using real, homemade ingredients. Plus? It’s like free food!

Goat Farming Basics: 5 Things You Must Consider Before Getting Goats 1

When it comes to adding dairy goats to your homestead, there are some things to consider. Check out these five goat farming basics that you should consider before you bring your first dairy goat home. From companionship to fencing, you’ll want to give serious thought to providing what goats need to thrive.

boy in hat with brown goats