Cast iron cookware is one of the most iconic piece of kitchen equipment on a small homestead. And for good reason. Cast iron cookware is durable, and can be used on the stove top, in the oven, or over an open fire. Better yet, with correct care, it becomes as non-stick as more modern pots and pans.

Growing kale is easy! Its harvest season can last for an extended time, so you’ll reap the benefits of this dark, leafy green for months with just a single planting. Consider growing kale in your garden for fresh use and freeze some for adding to fruit smoothies. The dark green leafy greens are highly nutritious!

These vegan sweet potato muffins are made with spelt flour and applesauce. There’s so much goodness packed into one little muffin! Made with wholesome ingredients, these sweet potato muffins have a natural sweetness from flavorful sweet potatoes. They’re so great, some people call them morning glory muffins!

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