Chicken Supplies: Must-Have Chicken Gear to Keep in the Coop

flock of chickens on green meadow

This is the chicken gear and chicken equipment you’ll be happy to have in your coop at the moment when you need it. Must-have chicken supplies, if you will. Keeping chickens is not hard. But there are certainly some things you learn along the way when you do. Case in point? Chicken supplies. There are [...]

Raising Pigeons for Meat

grey pigeon with yellow eyes, looking at the camera

Could raising pigeons for meat be a way to provide protein on your small homestead? It’s an unusual choice in America, but pigeons are a protein source elsewhere.

Bird Mites: Natural Control for your Flock

Two yellow chicks facing left

Bird mites (also called poultry mites or chicken mites) are a chicken owner’s nightmare. They’re tiny, and they bite, and they can make chickens very sick — even causing death. Here are a number of different treatments and tactics to combat poultry mites in your flock.

Save Thousands of Dollars with a Sharing Economy

Several people (hands) planting a tree in the ground together

Sharing big items — instead of every household owning one — can save you money, reduce the environmental impacts of producing more than we really (truly) need, and free up some of your precious storage space.

Building a Pallet Chicken Coop Extension for More Space

pallet chicken run with chicken flock on dirt

Building a recycled pallet chicken coop extension is a great way to create more space for your hens to peck. This easy chicken coop extension will keep your poultry flock from roaming too far afield, while giving them more space to scratch and peck and seek out bugs and fodder. Your hens will be so happy!

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