As people embrace the idea of growing some of their own produce, many are also pondering the idea of raising small animals for their eggs, meat, or manure. Others are raising bees as they embark on an urban farming adventure.

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Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

glass jar with white laundry soap and rolled green towels

This liquid laundry soap recipe gets clothes clean without the harsh chemicals & fragrances. Plus — you can skip the plastic jugs! 

Easy Lavender Bath Bomb Recipe

round purple bath bombs in a basket with shredded paper

Make these lavender scented bath bombs for a relaxing soak. Or make up a big batch for gift giving. The teens on your shopping list will love them.

How to Freeze Food Without Plastic – 8+ Easy Tactics for Less Waste

frozen berries in a bowl on a rustic wood board

In recent memory, the consumers’ go-to for freezing foods has been plastic. But now that we’ve discovered that BPA (bisphenol-A) comes with certain health risks (and now, whoops! its replacement, BPS, might be even more damaging!) lots of people are looking for alternatives.

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