15+ Cheap and Easy DIY Plant Markers for Your Garden 2

I’ll be the first to admit that I do a poor job of tracking what I put in the ground. I’m a bit like Johnny Appleseed in that regard. I’ve been gardening long enough that I recognize most seedlings as they pop up, but still. I could be a bit more organized, so I decided to make some DIY garden markers.

I’m from the school of “use what you have” and well, I had wine corks and chopsticks. It took me five minutes to make several markers. Trust me. You can handle this.

These DIY garden markers are a snap to make.

Wine cork DIY garden markers

You’ll need

  • Corks
  • Chopsticks or wooden skewers or straight sticks
  • An ice pick or large nail
  • A permanent marker


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Carefully push an ice pick or nail about 1″ into the flat end of the cork. Insert the chopstick into the pilot hole you’ve created. Use the permanent marker to write the names of your favorite herbs and vegetables on the side of the cork. That’s it. Could it get any easier?

More DIY garden markers to make

DIY garden markers made from brick

Image used with permission.

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These DIY plant markers are a snap to make. Many utilize recycled materials making them an inexpensive addition to your vegetable garden. Marking plants in the garden allows you to keep track of what vegetables are growing. Some are very hard to tell apart when they're seedlings. #garden #homestead

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2 thoughts on “15+ Cheap and Easy DIY Plant Markers for Your Garden

  • Jo Anne

    I made the cork makers, loved them, but so did the squires. Within 2 weeks they were gone. I did find some scattered throughout my 5 acres. LOL! I guess they like a good thing. Not sure what they thought they would do with them.

    • Kris Bordessa Post author

      1. That typo – squires – is hilarious. I was picturing knights in armor in your garden. 2. We don’t have squirrels here so this is news to me. Thanks for the alert!