Homemade Jello Cups for a Healthy School Lunch with Less Waste 10

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Homemade jello is incredibly easy to make, has ingredients you can feel great about, and with a little "outside the box" thinking, you can still enjoy the convenience of taking it with you without using plastic.

By Loriel, contributing writer

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The convenience of single-use plastic containers is simply not worth the long-lasting damage to our world; from more waste in the landfills and more greenhouse gasses emitted, to those nasty BPA chemicals hiding within the packaging.

Plus, have you ever taken a look at the ingredients in packaged jello?

Most of the ingredients are things you can’t pronounce or can’t find in your pantry. It’s also important to mention that the sugar in processed jello is most likely made from GMO sugar beets. There’s lots of artificial going on in the list.

The good news is we can still enjoy the modern day things we love to eat, like jello cups, without adding any more waste to this world. Homemade jello is incredibly easy to make, has ingredients you can feel great about, and with a little “outside the box” thinking, you can still enjoy the convenience of taking it with you–without using plastic.

Think of it as sort of a DIY jello cup!

The kind of container depends on your preference (stainless steel or glass) and who will be taking these jello cups in their lunch (adults or kids). I found these leak-proof 5-oz stainless steel containers from MightyNest work great for kids’ lunches. If you’re uneasy about using stainless steel, I have tried these leak-proof glass containers. The best part is you don’t have to keep them for jello; they are great for packing trail mixes, leftovers, half an avocado or fruit, or anything else you can fit in there.

If you’re feeling creative, you can use these neat silicone molds and make jello cubes that are extra fun for little fingers and store them in these.

It’s strawberry season in my area, so I wanted to make use of my bounty and make strawberry jello, but please note that you can also sub in fruit juice like this to make your jello cups.

Homemade Jello Cups {Strawberry}

In a high powered blender, puree 1 cup of hulled strawberries, sweetener, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Pour into a mixing bowl and sprinkle gelatin on top of it. Bring water to a boil and then pour over the bowl of pureed strawberries and gelatin. Whisk until there are no clumps and the gelatin is completely dissolved. Pour into your desired containers and set in the refrigerator to chill (2-4 hours). Your homemade jello cups are ready to tuck into your lunch on the go!

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10 thoughts on “Homemade Jello Cups for a Healthy School Lunch with Less Waste

  • Sherri

    hi, thanks for the recipe! I’ve been looking for something like this! Could you use juice for the berries? My son doesn’t do ” chunks” or “seeds!” I’d love to get some gelatin into him to help with skin and gut issues!

  • Sherri

    Never mind, sorry! I missed it in your last sentence! Thank you.

  • Rachel

    What an awesome giveaway! I have been wanting to try this for ages!!!

  • Ashley Browning

    Just whipped this up for a mid morning snack- so EASY!!! Thank you!

  • chickie brewer

    Home made Jello sounds and looks so delicious!