Real Vegetable Gardens from Far and Wide

Beautiful magazine vegetable gardens are inspiring to see, but sometimes we need a reality check. These vegetable gardens come from all across the USA (plus one from Spain!) are the results of real people working the soil and growing food. Beautiful vegetable gardens are great, but REAL is fun to see, too.

Make a Wicking Bed – Great for Drought Gardens

onions growing in a garden with rich soil

Wicking beds are very water efficient. These self-contained planters have a reservoir of water at the bottom and a wicking medium that slowly pulls water up to the plant roots. The folks over at Bits Out the Back created this short tutorial on making a wicking bucket. The same technique can be applied to larger beds and [...]

Chloramine in the Garden: Why Municipal Water Might Pose Problems

water from a watering can over seedling

For years, municipalities have been adding chlorine to water supplies to make it safe for drinking. At a recent community event I learned that our municipal water provider has switched over to something called chloramine, and other municipalities are embracing chloramine as well.

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