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Tomatillo Salsa Fresh From the Garden! 3

Tomatillos are super easy to grow and more resistant to pests than tomatoes. They grow well here, so of course I’ll be using them to make a lot of fresh tomatillo salsa.

Dig in to a little DIY with the Fiercely D.I.Y. Summer E-Course!

How to Ethically Forage for Edible Plants 6

For many of us trying to live a natural, sustainable way of life in touch with the seasons, foraging for edible plants often becomes an integral part of putting food on our table. While it can be rewarding we should practice good stewardship skills to keep it sustainable for generations to come.

Turn your garden abundance into a snappy, spicy side dish with these lacto-fermented snap peas. Serve 'em alongside a sandwich or on top of a salad.

Spicy Pickled Snap Peas 3

Pickled snap peas, lacto-fermented snap peas, spicy snap peas. Whatever you call them, they’re a great addition to your home preservation plans. When your peas are going off, be sure to make up several jars – you’ll love them.

Don't toss those radish greens! You can turn them into a spicy spread for crackers or sandwiches. Or, toss it with pasta! It's like free food.

Radish Greens: Transform them into Pesto! 31

Radish leaf pesto is a fabulous way to stretch the harvest from an early spring garden. Serve it over pasta, spread it on crackers, or slather it in mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches.

Grainy mustard - it's a snap to make at home!

Store Bought Condiments You Can Make at Home 5

Long before Best Foods decided to bottle up their popular sandwich spread, someone was making that from scratch. Same with so many of the things we buy ready made these days. You CAN make this stuff at home!

Pineapple Salsa: A Perfect Summertime Snack 125

Looking for something a little bit different to put out for summertime parties? This pineapple salsa is IT. Serve it fresh, or make it several days in advance and ferment it for a little extra bang. It’s a great appetizer, or good with chicken and fish, too.