100+ Easy Egg Recipes for Breakfast, Brunch, and Dinner

These easy egg recipes are perfect for using all of those farm fresh eggs from your flock! From sweet to savory, the egg dishes here will give you some great ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Be sure to check out these tips for safely storing your eggs!

brown and green eggs in a wire basket

The incredible, edible egg

Eggs have had a tough run. They’re bad for our cholesterol, we were told. So we separated the yolk from the white, eating things like low-fat egg dishes like egg-white omelets. We bought cartons of “egg whites” to avoid the horrors of a fresh egg. 

So silly.

Turns out that even though eggs are high in cholesterol, that’s not what’s causing our high cholesterol problems. (That honor goes to saturated fat.)

Are eggs healthy?

One large egg has 6 grams of protein, less than 5 grams of fat, and less than a gram of carbohydrates. This makes them a solid option for those who are low-carbing on a Whole30 or paleo diet, two plans that have made eating eggs healthy again. Eggs are satisfying and filling, and provide nutrients like lutein and xeazanthan.

Easy egg recipes

Springtime generally means an uptick in fresh egg production for those of us who have laying hens. My girls are no exception, and we count on eggs as one of our local food standbys. And that is wonderful, except for one teeny, tiny issue: It’s really easy to get tired of eggs. (Scrambled, hard boiled, fried, repeat.) We needed some new egg recipes!

fried egg, sunny side up on a plate with avocado, blueberries and almonds

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I asked a bunch of blogging friends to share their favorite egg recipes with me to break up the monotony find new ways to use up our abundance. If you’re lucky enough to have a steady source of fresh eggs, I’m sure you’ll find at least one recipe here you’d like to try.

Scrambled and fried egg recipes

These recipes offer a little twist on the usual fried or scrambled eggs. Spice ’em up, add some veggies, and these eggs are a whole new meal.

egg frittata in a cast iron skillet

Frittata and Quiche

Whisking eggs and baking them with a variety of vegetables and herbs — with or without a crust — is an easy way to feed a family in a hurry. Many of these frittata and quiche egg dishes are a good dinner-in-a-hurry option that you can get away with serving company in a pinch.

pumpkin cheesecake muffins on a wire rack

Muffins, pancakes, & French toast

For a sweet breakfast that uses a number of eggs, pancakes and French toast can’t be beat. Muffins are great for breakfast but can double as a snack to tuck into a lunchbox, too.

Deviled eggs with green avocado filling

Serving up savory egg dishes

It’s really amazing how many different ways there are to cook with eggs. It’s just a matter of seeking out unusual recipes. Most of these savory egg recipes can stand up to dinner time scrutiny.

pumpkin custard in white ramekin on a wire rack

Sweet treats

When it comes to using eggs, custards and baked goods are stellar. The easy egg recipes here use real food ingredients and many fit special dietary needs, too.


egg salad in a white bowl on a wooden table

(And of course you will want to save your eggshells for the garden, right?)

Originally published April 2014; this post has been updated.

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  • Harold Sep 10, 2017 @ 14:09

    Great resource for those of us with an abundance of eggs. Thanks.

  • Juliet Apr 19, 2015 @ 9:58

    My favorite way to wash my hair is an egg yolk!

  • My Productive Backyard Oct 16, 2014 @ 18:22

    Great list, I do love a fresh egg and my kids help make sure I never get a huge glut at home. I wrote about my favourite way to eat farm fresh, totally organic eggs on my blog last week – and Im not going to lie, its with buttery hollandaise sauce and fresh asparagus. Check it out! https://bit.ly/1sEaE0l

  • KarenLynn Sep 4, 2014 @ 16:51

    Eggs are absolutely my most favorite food! I so enjoyed this post and so glad you shared my frittata recipe too 🙂

  • Cavegirl Cuisine Sep 4, 2014 @ 14:24

    Thanks so much for including my “Cubano Benedict” is this egglicious round-up!
    Have a great day,
    “Cavegirl Cuisine”

  • Debi @ Life Currents Jul 14, 2014 @ 13:22

    Thanks so much for including my Mexican Weeknight Skillet Eggs. It’s so easy, your readers will love it. And, I can’t wait to look at all the other ideas here. I love eggs. Such a great food! Thanks for all your hard work to gather these.

  • anna Jul 14, 2014 @ 3:55

    I always have an open empty jar of my homemade dill pickles going and i make a batch of boiled eggs once a week and throw them in the jar with the leftover pickle juice, dill and garlic.. the kids love these!!

    • Kris Bordessa Jul 14, 2014 @ 6:33

      I’m going to have to try this!

  • April Apr 28, 2014 @ 17:40

    Hey Kris, I just learned something new with eggs. Fresh eggs are the absolute best for poaching. No need for vinegar in the water, or whisking a little whirlpool. The fresher the white, the more it naturally adheres to itself. I thought I was the worst egg poacher in the world, but it turns out I’m amazing at it with fresh eggs! I can even do more than one at a time, which is key when we are a family of 8. I use my 12 inch skillet. I cannot wait for tomato season to make a BLT with a poached egg on it (I didn’t see that one on your list). Oh the cravings!

  • Coffee to Compost Apr 22, 2014 @ 8:00

    What a fantastic resource! love fresh eggs and i appreciate the links to all of the yummy-sounding recipes!

  • Rachel Arseault Apr 17, 2014 @ 16:41

    Thank you for these recipe ideas. My 7 girls are laying 5-6 eggs a day. I am giving some away but really appreciate new ways to use eggs. Thank you as well for sharing my blog link to “Over 60 Egg-Cellent Egg Collection.”

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