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If you’ve gotten into the habit of trusting shortcuts to help you through making big holiday meals, I’ve got one word for you: Potluck. Our family affairs were always potluck, with the host making the main course and side dishes provided by guests. It made it easier on everyone. But whether you’re hosting a big meal for extended family or keeping it relatively simple, take a peek through the recipes included below for holiday meal ideas that you can make at home. Whether you’re planning Thanksgiving dinner or looking for Christmas dinner ideas: No box required. I think you’ll be surprised to find that it doesn’t take that much more time or effort — plus, homemade just tastes better.

Whether you're planning Thanksgiving dinner or looking for Christmas dinner ideas, this collection of recipes will help you have a homemade holiday.Turkey

Raise your hand if you remember your mom getting up in the wee dark hours to put the turkey in to cook all. Day. Long. What was up with that? A nice big turkey might take three or four hours to cook, but certainly not all day. Yes, you need to allow a few hours for cooking, but once it’s in the oven there’s little required of you. Don’t let a big bird or memories of tedious 1970s-style turkey prep scare you away — give it a try!


Whether you're hosting a big meal for extended family or keeping it relatively simple, these Christmas dinner ideas will help you have a homemade holiday.

Sweet potatoes

Holiday sweet potatoes — canned yams topped with marshmallows — ruined this root vegetable for me for years. They were just too sweet. I know some people love them that way, but not me. Good news: You can have the goodness of sweet potatoes fresh from the farmer with these amazing recipes.

No need for packaged sweet potatoes or canned yams! With these recipes, you can make it FRESH.

Mashed or scalloped potatoes

Potatoes are a must have for holiday dinners, though every family seems to have a preferred way of preparing them. Whether you prefer scalloped or mashed, you can easily skip the box and go straight for homemade goodness.

No need to depend on a box! Mashed, scalloped, and smashed taters are easy to make from fresh spuds.


Call it stuffing or call it dressing; cook it in the bird or alongside. No matter, you’ll be amazed at the difference between homemade and boxed.

You can make your own stuffing from fresh ingredients. Super easy!


Truly, I don’t know why gravy has such a reputation for being hard to make. It’s not.

Gravy is not hard to make! These recipes will set you on the path to homemade gravy with no nasty ingredients.

Dinner rolls and breads

Of all the homemade dishes on the holiday table, dinner rolls and bread are probably the most time consuming. They are also often the most appreciated by diners. There’s nothing better than a hot roll fresh out of the oven. In my book, they’re completely worth the effort. And making them yourself allows you to control ingredients, especially for gluten free folks.

Dinner rolls from scratch? Yes you can!

Cranberry sauce

We stuck with canned cranberry sauce for years — family tradition and all — until my eldest started making a wonderful orange spiced cranberry relish. Nothing wrong with creating new family traditions, right?

Kick it up a notch with *fresh cranberry sauce this holiday season.


Even in a household that considers water to be the best drink ever, during the holiday season we like to splurge a bit. Warm drinks, spiked drinks, juicy drinks – pick your poison and make it yourself. Who needs an “instant drink mix” on the holiday table?

Instant apple cider? No thanks!


Is it any coincidence that there are more dessert recipes listed here than any of the others? I think not. Because, dessert! Pie! Cake! Tarts! Crisps! There’s kind of no end to the wonderful homemade desserts that can replace the frozen version. And some are downright easy.

Homemade desserts for the holidays? Yes please!

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