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Give the Gift of Flavorful Food: From your Kitchen with Love

It’s hard to go wrong with homemade food gifts for holiday giving! Whether you’re looking for a little something to say thank you to a service provider (hey, hey, letter carrier!) or a special something for your kids’ favorite teacher, the ideas below range from savory to sweet — even a little something to tipple. 

Check out these last-minute handmade gift ideas, too.

loaf of bread wrapped in white paper and tied with red ribbon as a food gift

Homemade food gifts for year round giving

If you’re someone who loves feeding people, making homemade food gifts is just a natural extension of that need to nourish. Of course, this list includes both the healthy and the not-so-healthy, but it is the indulgent time of year!

Homemade food gifts are perfect for the holidays, but they’re a great way to say “thank you” all year round. They’re also a very nice hostess gift to take when you’ve been invited to someone’s home for a dinner or party.

Sweets for your sweets

From a simple loaf of sweet bread to a cookie “kit” these easy and budget friendly gifts will be warmly received. If you love to bake and share sweets with your favorite people, these easy-to-give cookies and treats may be just the thing.

Sweets for your sweets

jam in a pretty jar, with a loaf of bread

Savory homemade food gifts

Prefer things a bit more fiery? How about giving a jar of homemade hot sauce to kick up the heat? Or a hearty ready-to-make soup mix? These savory gifts will be much appreciated — especially by folks who aren’t much into making their own.

Savory homemade food gifts

food gifts, collage with jam and cookies in a jar

Bottoms up!

Whether your gift recipient is a teetotaler or one who enjoys a little nip now and again, these delicious elixirs add flavor to cocktails or non-alcoholic sodas and spritzes. Package these homemade gifts in small (food safe) bottles that you’ve upcycled. (Here’s one way to make them pretty!)

Bottoms up!

ginger simple syrup in two glass bottles with fresh ginger root

More gift giving ideas: 

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